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Stories last approx. 15 -25 minutes. 


See below for many stories to enjoy! 


One of many of our Arts Council Emergency Response

Funded portfolio of projects June-Dec 2020




The Galloway Shepherd: One Christmas Eve, in the remote Scottish hills – a storm is brewing; an unusual and strangely severe winter storm. But that’s not all….there’s the matter of a lost sheep and a mysterious visitation – it’s all rather peculiar…..This mysterious tale is made up of several elements of other stories but our version is a retelling from Galloway. Ages guidance – 7yrs + and this is a lovely story for adults too!

The Elves and the Shoemaker: The clock struck midnight, but what is that sound!? The patter of tiny feet and the laughter of little voices and out from under the skirting boards skips two little……..ELVES!!! It just wouldn’t be Christmas without them! Join us for this much loved children’s classic and a chance for grown-ups to loose themselves in the wonder and magic of this delightful tale from The Brothers Grimm! Age guidance – 3yrs+



 The Wibbly Wobbly Camel: A baby camel wants to run before he can walk. What could possibly go wrong? Actually, quite a lot when he sets out with his mother across the desert on a special mission. There’s a happy ending though.  A Christmas story from Syria. Age guidance  3 yrs +

BABUSHKA: All the neighbours are outside excited about the biggest star anyone has ever seen but old lady Babushka is more concerned about dusting and sweeping and keeping her home tidy! And oh! She always has so much to do!!! But when three men wrapped in long robes and swathed in turbans rat tat tat at her door will she make time to go with them and see the new baby king and saviour of all the world? A beautiful 19th Century RUSSIAN folktale of healing and hope and making time for what really matters. Age guidance 7 yrs +

Peter and the Magic Goose: Poor Peter, not very bright and the youngest of 3 brothers who always make him do all the work! But he out favours them all by his kind heartedness gaining his fortune with the help of an old beggar man and a goose in a tree trunk. Yes a goose in a tree trunk!! But grab hold of that goose at your peril!! A fun story from “Fairy stories and Fables” by American 19/20th Century writer JAMES BALDWIN  for all the family!  Age guidance  7 yrs +



Jack O'Lantern: How the tradition of the hallowe'en lantern came about and how Jack managed to escape his just desserts. A traditional tale with all the seasonal elements. This version is possibly from Scotland, possibly from Ireland. Age guidance 7 yrs+ +

The Tailor and the Goblin: Jack is the best tailor in Scotland but is he the bravest? Dare he  go to the old haunted graveyard at night and sew the finest jacket? Will the Goblins gobble him up, the monsters drag him under? As the ground shakes and great arms appear will he have time to finish the jacket and make it back to the rich landowner’s castle alive?! A children’s story based on a 19th Century CELTIC fairytale with just the right amount of scary Halloween suspense! Age guidance 7yrs+

***Warning – story time is for families but is a Halloween story time with Halloween costumes and characters; viewer discretion advised for more sensitive children. ***



Left Holding The Baby: An old couple hear a knock at their door one stormy night. They take in a baby boy who brings them much joy. But if they could have seen what was coming…. Or maybe one of them did? This story is made up of elements which appear frequently in different stories from many different places. It has been recorded in Northumberland and this version mentions a fair at Longhorsely. Age guidance 7 yrs +

Teeny Tiny: A teeny-tiny woman goes for a teeny-tiny walk and finds a teeny-tiny bone belonging to a teeny-tiny ghost! And that teeny-tiny ghost is not happy about the teeny-tiny woman using its teeny-tiny bone to make some teeny-tiny soup! A charming OLD ENGLISH folktale for “teeny tiny” children  at Halloween. Age guidance 3 yrs + 

***Warning – story time is for families but is a Halloween story time with Halloween costumes and characters; viewer discretion advised for more sensitive children. ***

Thumbelina: Thumbelina is a little girl, found in an open flower who sleeps in a walnut and is eventually kidnapped by a toad! She spends happy days with her new friend Mrs Fieldmouse, but will her kindness save her from marrying the boring Mr Mole? An enchanting Hans Christian Anderson story for children and one the grown-ups are sure to know from their childhood! Age guidance – 3 yrs+

Poverty Blacksmith: In this tale we meet a blacksmith who is so poor everyone simply calls him Poverty. He may be lacking in food and money, but what he lacks in material things, he makes up with in his BIG ideas and generosity to strangers. But he’s not a fool and woe betide any visitors who mean mischief……This tale for the family has a sting in its tail and is adapted from a telling of the story by Estève Baleste in 1879, translated from the Occitan language.  Age guidance – 7yrs+

The Frog Prince: Never has there been such a greedy, spoilt and bad-tempered Princess. NOTHING seems to make her happy and she never does what she is told! Oh! What a naughty girl! But when a talking frog comes to live with her in her palace, could he be the one to finally teach her good manners? Will he make her smile? And who is this frog… is he as he seems? A fun Brothers Grimm fairy story for all children! Age guidance – 3yrs+

Chantecleer and the Fox of His Dreams: Do you ever dream a dream and then have it come true? Chantecleer the handsome cockerel has, and it was the source of quite some trouble in the farmyard. An ancient tale which is still as good as new, and its source is lost in the mists of time. Age guidance -7 yrs + Perfect story for older children!

Snorri and the Great North Wind: A tale from the far north. Snorri visits the North Wind and returns home with three gifts. But it’s a long journey to the Arctic regions and A LOT can happen on the way back, as we are about to find out! Snorri is a figure from the Icelandic Sagas. The origins of these myths and their recording are somewhat murky. Age guidance – 3yrs+

Snow White and Rose Red: What would you do if a great brown bear came knocking on your door one winter’s evening? Would you brush the snow from his fur? Give him some food? Well, Sisters Snow White and Rose Red did just that! But was that really a glint of gold they saw under his fur? A Brothers Grimm story of spells, good over evil and happily ever afters. Ages guidance – 7yrs +

Billy Goats Gruff: Trit trot, trit trot, trit trot, The Three Billy Goats Gruff go as they cross the little wooden bridge. Will they reach the lush green grass on the other side? Or will the very mean and grumpy troll who is waiting for them, gobble them up!? Join us to find out! An engaging, fun and popular 19TH Century Norwegian folktale for the whole family! Age guidance – 3yrs+

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