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Well our Jukebox Uke Pete certainly shook up this Langley House Care Home resident’s day with this rendition of the Elvis classic! Such a joy for this Elvis fan and post session they shared with us this lovely comment and it made us smile, so we thought we’d share it. 

As part of our Jukebox Uke music project in care homes – we create edited videos, so the care home and family can share the residents experience post session and so that the resident can relive their experience, if they’d like to. We all love live music – our Jukebox Uke participants do too; it brings them such joy over Zoom, in a safe space to relax, chat about music and share memories. 

We had such wonderful feedback from previous families, and we are enjoying connecting with new families during this East Durham Creates' iteration! 

This Jukebox Uke commission was chosen by the East Durham Creates’ Community Panel and is made possible thanks to additional funding from Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport specifically aimed to tackle social isolation and loneliness.

As Jukebox Uke  is now being delivered at Langley House Care Home we reflect on the richness of the project across 2020. It was such a brilliant project and we've been so determined to keep it going and secure more funding for it for 2021 and beyond! Thank you East Durham Creates for enabling us to get restarted!

East Durham Creates is part of Arts Council England’s Creative People and Places programme (CPP). They are managed by East Durham Trust working in partnership and supported by Beamish MuseumDurham County Council’s Culture, Sport and Tourism Team and East Durham Area Action Partnership (AAP).


Here is a snippet from Pete’s first Jukebox Uke session at Langley House. He’s singing a song from The Calamity Jane musical called the Deadwood Stage. 


A big shout out to Valerie Cuthbert), Activities Coordinator, from LANGLEY HOUSE who is great fun during our Jukebox Uke sessions and a wonderful, caring support to the residents too!


And a big shout out too to our wonderful facilitator Bev Atkinson (bottom photo) who builds up such a great rapport with family members prior to our sessions, finding out about the resident and compiling a list of their favourite songs so Pete can rehearse them up ready to perform during the Jukebox Uke sessions.


A special thank you to Richard for his kind cash donation towards the project too!

Here are our videos produced from the sessions delivered at LANGLEY HOUSE with 5 wonderful residents! Big thanks too to their lovely family members who have given permission for us to share these videos on our website and for their lovely interaction with us too!. They have given our facilitator Bev wonderful insight to their family member so we can really tailor conversations with them during the sessions as well as informing us of their favourite songs! Our jukebox ukelele Pete has been rehearsing non stop, learning at least 5 different songs for every weekly session in just a few days between each session so the residents get the songs they enjoy and mean the most to them! 



The whole experience from start to finish was just brilliant.The shift in the residents mood after our sessions was second to none.  Following our sessions, the residents where happy to chat about memories our sessions had brought to the fore front of their minds. I’ve seen it now first hand, through this project, how the power of music can really help people suffering with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Fantastic group of people to work with and the way you all worked with our residents at Langley House was outstanding. Thank you for everything. 


Memories have been brought back to me of lovely times, well done

It has been a pleasure to meet you

I would like one day to meet you in person, this has meant so much to me

Been lovely talking to you

I love to speak to these two

I enjoyed talking about my dogs and everything else, thank you

It has been a pleasure to meet you

Talking and singing with you has brought so many memories back for me

I enjoyed talking about my dogs and everything else, thank you”

Been lovely talking to you


Excellent I really enjoyed it, she did too. The more of this the better. We have shared the video with wider

family members all over the country and they are amazed. What a difference to see her talking to you like

that. Well done what a skill you have 

I can’t believe how she engaged. When I visit, she doesn’t often recognize me and I rarely get any

conversation from her that makes any sense. She often tells me to leave when I visit. This video and feedback have given me so much comfort knowing she is settled and not distressed all the time. You have helped me understand this can be usual for families experiencing a mother with dementia. Thank you so much

She can talk. I have never heard her talk about what she has shared. Just wonderful. I will treasure this video


Really good, thank you for the video. I have never seen my mam interact like that for years. It should be every

week this type of session working with people like my mam. I look forward to more

We are seeking further funding to continue these sessions but we are grateful to ACEERF for supporting this work so far!

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