Hansel & Gretel

Audience comments from our regional tours in  2011 & 2012

"Heartwarming! It's great to see such brilliant and colourful theatre being shown in schools. I suggest more where that came from!"

"Great idea to show kids different forms of art!"

"Absolutely fantastic! Well worth a day off work!"

"Absolutely fantastic! Well worth a day off work!"

"Excellent! Enjoyed it very much! A privilege to see!"

"Absolutely marvelous adaptation of Hansel & Gretel! Children were mesmerized!" Parents enjoyed it too! Thank you very much!"

"What a great play! My children really enjoyed it! My daughter would like me to say it was very good and great fun!"

" It was a really excellent performance! Interactive and involved all the children! Thoroughly enjoyed watching it!"

"It was really lovely to see the children having such fun, singing and dancing. Thank you!"!"

'The kids really enjoyed themselves! A fantastic performance with lots of smiles on children's faces!"

"Thank you so much for this opportunity. It's wonderful to still see theatre for children still alive! The children were so animated and us grown ups enjoyed it also!"

"As always the MAD ALICE THEATRE put on a fantastic show. My family and I are great fans having seen all of their outdoor productions in Consett Park, but it is really fantastic to see an equally great performance for younger children in their schools."

"Fantastic! Certainly different! Very strange but fun for children and parents. My laddy loved it!"

"Very entertaining! Children loved it!" Such a lot of hard work obviously went into the production!"

"Excellent! Good acting! Held the children's imagination! Excellent for the young people and adults! Please do more!!" Great participation for children! They loved it!"

'Enchanting! Children were gob smacked!" Children and grown ups were enthralled!"

"FANTASTIC PRODUCTION! Experiences like this are so important! FAB FAB FAB!"

'Learning should be fun! And this was! Very innovative and interactive!"


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